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Everything there is to know about Popular Prints

About Popular Prints

Printing Agency Success Story

Everything there is to know about Popular Prints has been committed to providing unparalleled screen printing services to hundreds of clients throughout Connecticut. Locally owned and operated, our decision-makers are on-site and available, allowing us to offer our clients the flexibility that large corporate shops cannot match. We manually press each piece to the highest quality standards. We believe in quality over quantity, people over profit. 

We promise that each project we work on for you will be put through a 14-step service process that starts from the moment you contact us for a job to the moment it is delivered into your hands. It’s our intent to provide exceptional prints and service.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is an image printing process that dates back nearly 2000 years; coming into its modern iteration in 1910 when artisans in China first utilized photosensitive chemicals and a gelatin glue to make an image stencil on a silk mesh stretched over a frame. Ink is then pushed through the image negative on the screen with a rubber squeegee onto a medium such as paper or fabric. The science and materials of screen printing have come a long way since the first artisans began using screens and ink but the overall process remains the same. Once your image is finalized for print, each color is separated digitally and a screen is prepared for each individual color. Each color is then printed over one another to recreate your original image. Screen printing also includes a variety of ink options, each with its own unique effects.